Monday, January 31, 2011

Jonathan Adler´s chair

In the december issue of AD magazine, they published about Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan´s  apartment. There was one sole chair in his apartment that caught my eye. I tried to find it at his webshop but he does´t sell that chair, but I did find it at Ebay.
It´s called the Brass Chiavari Side accent chair Hollywood Regency.
sorry jonathan, for the bad quality picture I took of you with my iphone, but you can see that chair on the right.

This exact same chair and it´s for sale for $ 49,99 plus shipping.
I have no idea what this chair normally cost´s but If you can buy it at this price it´s a steal.
It´s sooo elegant, and you only need one of this. I can imagine this chair anywhere in the house.
They only ship to the US, so go and get that chair!

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