Friday, June 24, 2011

Friendship bracelets

Sorry for being offline for 2 days, after the not being able to upload any pictures, I have been doing some creative things, but I have to admit, I have missed posting, I am addicted in a good way.
So what has kept me busy...they have been all over blogland, the friendship bracelets...
as being a first degree bracelet addict, I could stop wanting them. So I have made a few of them myself.
I will make a few more, perhaps sell them if anyone wants one.
Please let me know, as I love to make these darlings!
p.s. tomorrow I´ll be at the meet the blogger event in Amsterdam!
Enjoy your weekend and come back monday with a smile on your face!


Ana Antunes said...

Wow! you did those yourself?! Those are very nice Chantal!!... You are so lucky to go to that meetng! I want to go to the next one with you, okay!?! Have fun and tell us all about it when you come back. and give some love to that city from me!

Lily said...

How fun ! The bracelets look really cute.


OrangeFarmhouse / said...

Leuk je ontmoet te hebben op Meet The Blogger A'dam!
Groetjes maike (met die dikke buik :-))

ps. super leuke armbandjes, zag je er ook een kado doen aan Holly, attent!

Iris (Iridee├źn) said...

Ik zie nu pas dat je dat leuke armbandje ook zelf hebt gemaakt! Het was al een dierbaar cadeau, maar dat maakt het nog specialer. Ontzettend lief. Ben blij je nu ook echt ontmoet te hebben. Mocht je weer een keer in Nederland zijn, laat het me weten, dan kunnen we kijken of we iets kunnen afspreken.
x Iris

Kristine - A Graceful Home said...

How cute are those with the rhinestones, and you did them yourself! Friendship bracelets bring back such great memories!

The Cuban In My Coffee said...

I love them. How much are you selling them for? I would be interested in a couple as gifts. BTW I am also obsessed with them and went on a man hunt in the mall to find an affordable version there are some pricey designer ones out there. I found them randomly at Exress and bought a couple. Are the crystal prongs tight on them? I hate it when they snag your clothes.