Monday, October 17, 2011

Hat boxes vintage and new

I hope you have had a great weekend! We had a relaxing weekend, saturday it was so sunny we decided to go to the beach, which is amazing it´s already mid october!
I wanted to share my love for hatboxes, they are so great to store anything and they add some chicness to any wardrobe.

I came across this vintage blue hatbox form an Etsy shop, it looked so much like the first image that I found on Pinterest.
Black and white vintage hat box on ebay

Etsy did it again

These above 3 images are form Zara home if you prefer a new hat box, these are great.
I use my hatboxes for stocking, panty hoses and scarfs, just an idea.


Unknown said...

Any idea when Zara will be online for the US??? Love those ones!

Melissa Crochet said...

I need that ikat one in my to love etsy!

designchic said...

I adore hatboxes for storage...they are the perfect accessory!! Love the first image ~