Monday, May 21, 2012

Last weekend

Hi guys how was your weekend? I had the joy that my parents came over to spend a long wekend with us, they really missed their grandson and had to see him. As they spend quality time together, I had some mommy free time to do girly things, and attended a Bobbie brown make up class with my friend Patricia.

Patricia said that we looked like 2 cougars, ggrawww....

Matteo loves his night time bath, it makes him sleep trough the night...yes you heard it...the whole night!
Next week he will be 3 months old.
I made some quinoha california rolls, it´s exactly the same as the normal californian rolls, just use quinoha instead of white rice. A healthy opion.

 This is how our bedroom wall looks at the moment...have you seen what we had on the wall before?
It was a vintage sunburst convex  mirror, very pretty, very spikey...and I had nightmares that that thing would fall on us during breastfeeding Matteo, so off came the sunburstmirror.
now it´s a boring empty wall, and i am looking for something to fill that space.

This is the before, what do you think I should hang above the bed? Any suggestions?


Nagore said...

Puede que en las proximas fotos que comparta este tu prima por ahi....voy el 28!!!

Ângela Varela Cunha said...

Hello Chantal, I know now, trough this post, that the other baby boy wasn't your little Matteo, still the words are valid, Matteo is a baby model, beautiful! love the dimple on his chin ! Love, Angela!

Liquids and Solids said...

Wow the 2 of you look absolutely gorgeous! And Baby Matteo as well! Bisous