Monday, January 14, 2013

Latest creations...

Me and Patricia have been very busy making more creation for our little business Leonor designs.
We are opening our webshop, more about that soon!
Visit us on facebook and our blog

We made these pom pom shoes
                            The now owner of our pom pom shoes is blogger Guccisima
                                     visit her blog as she wears very pretty outfits.
If you would like one of our creations or a custom design, please contact us at:

And...our boy Matteo turned 10 months, and soon we will be having his 1st birthday party! He grows up so incredibly fast. Almost walking and welcoming us with dadadaaa aitaitaa in his own language...

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Ana Antunes said...

Ohhh Chantal! Mateo is just the most adorable cute gorgeous hugabble, kissable, darling baby!!!!!!!! Beautifull! I hope you are doing fine and happy! love AnaA.