Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Antique market in Paris

Hello, sorry for posting so late, today was a very busy day at work and after that I decided to
spend some quality time with my Beau boyfriend´s grandmother.
My Beau boyfriend had to go to Paris for work, that gave me inspiration to post about a great antique market I discovered last time we were there.
It is probably the biggest antiques market I have ever visited in europe, and when you go, make sure you go early and don´t be in a hurry. They have around 350 dealers and they come from all over France.
You have to pay 8 euros entrance and it´s open from 11 till 7.
Take your wishlist with you, surely you will find all those things you are looking for, and be ready to bargain. Walk away if you find it too expensive, so most of the times they will call you back to lower the price. You will find expensive things inside the covered tents, and the cheaper thing outside in the open air. The next 2 antiques markets are:

From 6 till 15th of may 2011 - Paris 12 et 4/ Place de la Bastille - Antiquites Brocante

From 3 till 13th of November 2011 - Paris 12 et 4/ Place de la Bastille - Antiquites Brocante

I didn´t took pictures when I was there, and found there on the internet to gave you an idea of what is there to see.
If you go to Paris those days, good luck and happy hunting.

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