Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our doggies

DUKE during his recent visit

Our dog Duke needs a pillow to sleep, even if there is no pillow available, your arm or leg will do just fine.
sorry for the blurry picture, it was such a sweet moment.
We have two dogs, both found as stray puppies on the street during my travels here in Spain.
They are both the best doggies that I could ever imagine.
They both live in Holland right now, living like kings among my family.
Here is our other dog called BOY, he adores my mum

BOY with my mum

Boy need be covered with a trow, before bedtime.
They both come from the street yet they have such luxe demands...


Rashon Carraway said...

I love dogs. I came by your blog and you have some amazing projects going on. I am certainly going to be a new follower.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Beau lifestyle said...

Mr Goodwill Hunting, I LOVE your blog, you are such an inspirational and amazing person.

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

awww I have a little pomeranian too!!

Beau lifestyle said...

Pomeranians, they are the best dogs, so smart, sweet, playfull and good caracters. The best bread of dogs for me at least ;)