Monday, February 28, 2011

spotted fabric

The talented lady Angela, from the painted house, DIY upholstered 2 chairs with spotted fabric, and they look so good!


Lately I have spotted, spotted fabric many times. I like it a lot it gives swoon to the decor.
I have to admit that Angela´s vignette is lovely, the way everything is arranged.
The spotted fabric reminded me of the post I have read at little green notebook,
about the leopard pattern ¨les Touches¨ from Brunswig and fils.


Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...

I've seen this pic before and have been obsessed with spotted fabric since... FABULOUS!!

The Beauty Method said...

Such a great job and perfect with the orange lamps! Miss Walker xoxo

angela | the painted house said...

Thank you for the feature and your kind words! I can't tell you how happy that $10/yard fabric has made me. :)

Beau lifestyle said...

Miss walker - yes indeed love the orange lamps too, it´s a happy colour.

Angela - Thank you for liking the post, I am stunned it only cost you $10? Well done, it looks trés chic ;)

Lisa said...

I love the spotted material on the chair.