Friday, March 11, 2011

Hang up your tray

Hang up your tray, doesn´t it sound silly? But it´s not, the conterary it´s très chic!
That is what Eddie Ross did for the Window that he created for textile producer Carleton V.
I think I went back to his blog for a couple of times to look at this picture, and them I started
looking like a madwoman on ebay, searching for a similar to this brass tray, wich I didn´t find.


I remembered I had an Alessi fruit tray, that was given as a gift a few years ago.
It is an oddly shaped shiny tray that could do the trick.
I bought a strong glue (one that doesn´t harm your wall if you decide to remove it again)
and placed it above the fornasetti plate.

Picture taken with my iphone

I am happy with the result. Thanks to Eddie and Jaithan for their great ideas!


Sarah said...

I have a round, hammered tray hanging on my wall and it is truly my favorite piece of art in my home! I love the texture they bring, yours looks great!

The Beauty Method said...

This looks great! Miss Walker xoxo